What is the Difference in an ORG-2 and SUP

There isn't really any major difference. From a high level however they serve to ensure that FreightWise's database servers never have a duplicate PRO in the system. In order to ensure this, we add ORG and SUP designator.

The main way of this thinking about ORG vs. SUP in detail is the following:

  • ORG indicates simply had an intersection among carriers on the numbering sequence took place. In this case we would make it a ORG-2, ORG-3, etc... up to ORG-99.
  • SUP usually means that the carriers, re-invoiced on the same PRO. This would be a SUP, SUP-1, SUP-3, etc... up to SUP-99

In some cases, usually reports, the ORG or SUP are not listed. 


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