Special Freight Invoice Codes / Numbers

Many of FreightWise's carriers use special codes either pre-appended or post-appended to their actual PRO#s.

The following are some that we follow:

General Rules:
If the carrier bill ends with an "A" or "-00" when they correct or add additional charges the number or alpha will change but the pro number remains the same.

PRO numbers end in zero. It changes to a "1", "2", etc. when they add additional charges, reconsignment, return to shipper or corrected invoice. Not a problem keying unless it’s a corrected invoice and we need to be sure it’s not a duplicate of the zero bill and we just owe additional amount.

R + L:
This carrier has an I, D or M on front of the invoice number. The "I" is original bill. "D" is corrected and we need to be careful not to duplicate pay this type. "M" is for reconsignment, return to shipper or redelivery.

Performance Freight:
When they start making corrections they add an "R" or "N" to the original PRO number.

Schenker Intl.:
They usually have "-00" at the end. When they have corrected bills or additional charges the "00" changes to 01, 02 etc.

DHL Global Mail:
They have the "-00" at the end. Corrected and additional charge bills are changed to "-01", "-02" etc.

Ceva Global:
They put an "R" at the end of the PRO number if it’s a return shipment and an "A" for additional charges.

Wilson Trucking:
Anytime Wilson rebills for anything or corrects a bill they completely change the PRO number. Any Wilson PRO that starts with "01" is a corrected invoice or additional due. In past we would block it from keyed with the "01" in beginning and the original PRO number would be listed in body of bill.



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