Requirements for Filing a Claim

What is needed to file a freight claim?

Before you file a claim, you will need to gather several documents to ensure your claim is submitted correctly. 

Requirements to File a Damaged Freight Claim

  • Claim Form (download our fillable claim form from this article)
  • Freight Invoice for the damaged freight
  • Proof of Delivery noting the damage
  • Repair Invoice showing the total cost; applicable only if the freight was partially damaged and then repaired
  • Photos of the Damage taken at the time of delivery if possible

*** Max single file attachment size is 7MB ***

Requirements to File a Lost Freight Claim

  • Claim Form
  • Freight Invoice for the lost freight
  • Official Declaration from the carrier stating that the freight is lost


Please Note:

If you manufacture or sell the claimed item, the price on the invoice must reflect the cost you paid for the item or its parts, not what you charged your customer. If you submit a claim that includes marked-up charges to your customer, the carrier will deny the claim and make you re-submit it.

A note about shipping charges: Carriers can only approve a claim on loss or damage if the shipping charges are paid for. Carriers will deny a claim if the shipping charges are unpaid. If the shipment did not deliver, you can include the shipping costs within the claim itself, asking to be reimbursed for what you paid.


Please contact our Claims Department for more information and assistance.



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