Requirements for Volume Rate Quotes

What information is needed to request a volume rate quote?

To ensure you receive an accurate quote in a timely manner, you will need to provide all of the information listed below. 

  • Ship Date
  • Origin Zip Code
  • Destination Zip Code
  • Total Weight
  • Total # of Units / Unit Packaging Type
    • Ex: 13 pallets or 20 loose bundles
  • Dimensions
  • Freight Class
  • Commodity Description


Most carriers respond within 2-4 hours after receiving the request. 

Once they respond, they will either advise that they do not have capacity, or they will provide a quote number, rate, and when the quote will expire.

Some carriers might require you to accept or decline the quote by a certain date.  


Important Notice:

Provide the Quote Number on the BOL - carriers will not acknowledge the volume rate if the quote number is not noted on the BOL, that is given to the driver at the time of pickup. Instead, they will bill the shipment as normal LTL, which will be a higher cost. 

Volume Rate Quotes Expire - do not reuse the same quote number for other identical orders that you will ship at a later date. Quotes typically expire after 24 hours - 7 days, depending on the carrier. 

Quotes are Not Pickup Confirmations - you will still need to contact the carrier to schedule the pickup; make sure to let the carrier representative know that you have already received a volume quote. 


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For more information on Volume Shipping, please visit FreightWise Guide: Volume Shipping. For other resources and information, visit our FreightWise Guide homepage.



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