Shipment Step-By-Step Process


This help article describes the steps to reviewing, quoting/rating, manifesting, and finally completing a shipment. The article will primarily focus on the Parcel side of the shipment process, however many of steps listed below are LTL and Parcel agnostic in the FreightWise system.

The step-by-step process assumes that a user has completed the picking and boxing of a shipment. Details about the FreightWise Pick (WMS) system can be found in the Pick section of the FreightWise application.


Step 1:

Once a shipment has been "picked" the state of the shipment indicates such (see screenshot) with the "State" indication of "Picked". 



Step 2:

Clicking on the row of the Shipment the a user want to "Ship" it opens the Shipment Tab of of the clicked shipment. The tab view should look like the below screenshot.



Step 3:

The first item to make sure is that the commodities section has a weight associated with it. This is because during the pick process the pickers do not weight the boxes they add the commodity items too. If weights are missing a red bar indicating such will appear (see screenshot).


By "clicking" the edit icon (pencil on square). The user can edit the weight. In this case we will be setting it too 12lbs. 


Make sure you "Save" the weight settings. Completed it should look like the below screenshot.


This means we are shipping a Box with 6.5" x 10.25" x 13.25" at 12lbs. 


Step 4:

 Once the weight(s) are set. We can quote / rate the shipment. To do this simply click on the "Quote Shipment" button in green.


This will start the quoting process of the shipment. An indicator (see screenshot) should appear and go away once the shipment has been quoted.


With successful quote the state of the shipment should change to "Quoted".


Results of the shipment quote can be found on the right of the under the "Quote Results" panel. In this case the FedEx Ground shipment was indeed the Least Cost Carrier (LCC).



Step 5:

 At this stage we can now request the labels for this shipment. Clicking on the "Request Label" button in green.

The system will display the "Requesting Spinner" while reaching out to FedEx or UPs to create the labels for your shipment.


Once the label have been created and downloaded to the FreightWise system the spinner will disappear.

The associated Tracking Numbers will be linked tot he individual boxes and have a link to get tracking information - see screenshot below.



Step 6:

Once the labels have been request you can print them by clicking on the gear icon and selecting the "View/Print Labels" dropdown list item.


Once the label is downloaded it should display like this or alternately directly print on your printer setup.



Step 7:

Once the shipment label(s) have printed and all seems fine with the shipment you can now "Complete" it.

When clicking on the "Complete" button in green internally the FreightWise system interfaces with the our clients ERP system to complete the shipment, write the associated costs to the customer invoices, and de-allocate inventory.


Making sure we complete a shipment is very important to ensure timely invoicing of customers for shipments that leave the building.



Step 8:

All done at this stage. You can now see that the Shipment we initially started with is now set to "Complete".



Side Note:

Please consult the Commodities section for details on how to build and class commodities. Help button should be available for all aspects relating to your commodities building, classing, and the linear foot rules.



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