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Dec. 2019 - WMS Features for Pick & Pack

FreightWise has the ability to support pick & pack of our clients shipments from small parcel to LTL our applications supports now end-to-end shipping. We support:

  1. Starting in the warehouse our clients can use the FreightWise system to assign shipments to "Pickers"
  2. Have the "Pickers" use the our mobile app to pick and pack their assigned shipments.
  3. Print Packing Lists and Carton Contents Labels
  4. Quote / Rate the shipments (both LTL and Parcel) to find the least cost carrier (LCC).
  5. Manifest parcel shipment and print labels
  6. or convert LTL shipments to a BOL and complete the shipping process via an LTL.
  7. Then on completion have the FreightWise system integrate and complete the shipments in our clients ERP systems.

We are excited to support these end-to-end features at FreightWise to handle all of our clients shipping needs.


Nov. 2019 - Mobile App Release

We are excited to release our very own mobile app for iOS and Android. The app supports the following features:

  • Supports warehouse management system (WMS) features to pick and pack parcel and LTL shipments.
  • Printing of shipping labels (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS), Carton Contents labels, and Packing lists.
  • Integrated picture taking management of signed BOLs, Claims images, etc... to keep pictures with the shipping documents users create int he FreightWise system.
  • Integrated support and tickets with our Customer Solutions team.



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