Calculating and Entering Dimesional Weights

When a pallet contains multiple items with different weights, quantities, and classes, it may be easier to calculate a class for the entire pallet instead of weighing each individual item.  This article will guide you through using dimensional weight on a BOL, Shipment, or Spot Quote.  For more details about dimensional weight and when/how it should be used, see this article entitled Density Explained.

Calculate the Dimensional Weight


  • To calculate dimensional weight for a pallet, click on the Calculator button in the Commodities.


  • In the Pieces column, enter 1 (for one pallet).
  • In Length, Width, and Height, enter the dimensions for your pallet (ex. 40" x 48" x 24").
  • In Weight, enter the Total Weight for the pallet (ex. 350 lbs).
  • Now, an Estimated Class will appear (ex. 85)You will need this information for your BOL.
  • Repeat these steps to get estimated classes for each additional pallet in the shipment.

Edit Class Information


  • Click Edit in the Commodities section.


  • Click Edit beside the Pallet to which you need NMFC Class information.


  • Enter the Class you obtained from the Calculator into the Class field.
  • Enter your generic NMFC number in the NMFC field. Note: To determine the number you should use here for Dimensional Weight shipments, please contact for FreightWise Account Director.
  • Click Update and then click Save.


  • The NMFC and Class information should now be visible on your Pallet


  • It will also print on your BOL.


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