Why have a QR Code on the BOL


FreightWise is adding QR Codes to all of their BOLs. This has a number of benefits for FreightWise clients, customers/vendors, and the FreightWise Auditing Team.



The following are some key benefits that many of FreightWise's clients see having the QR Code on the BOL:

  • It allows for easy and fast access to open a BOL on the FreightWise app. Once the app is open a user can add more images, review already saved images, and/or print the BOLs.
  • If allow for quick opening of the BOL on the FreightWise website.
  • Allows for more accurate auditing of Freight Invoices that have the BOL scanned image. This is helps to ensure that what the BOL listed is actually what shipped.

iPhone / Android Camera Support

When using your iPhone or Android device to view the QR Code it will open the FreightWise app and re-direct to the BOL.





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