April 1st, 2020 - Easter Egg

Welcome to FreightWise's special 2020 Easter Egg. 

This year we have something special for you! Our web application has a secret tab that we think in trying times like these can help overcome the blues. However, with all Easter Eggs you have to do some work to find it :)

Here are your instructions. If you get stuck, just send us an email at help@freightwisellc.com, and we will help you out. But please give it a try first. It will be fun! And, of course, when you have found it, please keep it a secret so your fellow Freighties may enjoy the puzzle and reward for themselves.


1 - Find the Secret Key

We are big fans of the cult classic sitcom "The Office" that aired on NBC from March 24th, 2005 to May 16th, 2013, lasting a total of nine seasons. One of our all time favorites is the twenty-first (21) episode of the third (3) season. 

Below is a secret key that you will need to get to the next stage. The episode above should give you hints on how to fill in the blanks.


Please only use upper case letters. The secret key is 33 characters in length and has no spaces just "-" separators and at the end "!".

Helpful link: YouTube or this might help


2 - Convert your Secret Key to Hexadecimal

In the world of secrets (encryption), we usually work in hexadecimal. At FreightWise, we do too. Once you have your secret key (remember all uppercase letters) you will need to use it to create your secret hexadecimal key / characters. The best way to do that is to use a simple MD5 hash function. Just use your favorite, we all have one (or maybe not). If not, go to Google for a simple MD5 hash converter and to get your 32 character encryption key.

Please note an MD5 only returns hexadecimal characters (0-9, a, b, c, d, e, & f). Please make sure your hexadecimal key is all lower case letters. Start with 398f... and ending with ...ca45 (see below screenshot).


A helpful hint: The MD5 hash of "FreightWise" is e001522f40656a8dfb0bd2045ef12509

If you get stuck, my favorite one can be found here: Link


3 - Decrypt the Message

Once you have your secret key converted to hexadecimal, you will need to use the hexadecimal key to decrypt the secret message listed in bold text below.

At FreightWise, we do pride ourselves in security and would not encrypt our messages to you with anything less than a 256bits AES cipher. Yep, I know pretty cool stuff :)

So... follow this Link here. Using your hexadecimal secret key try to decrypt the our secret message to you.

Have fun!


Helpful hint see screenshot below for how to use it.



4 - Enjoy your Prize & Compete with your fellow Freighties

Once you have decrypted the secret message, you will know what to do. Enjoy!

Have a great day!
FreightWise IT Dev. Team




If you do get stuck, just send us an email at help@freightwisellc.com and let us know on what section you got stuck so we can nudge you in the right direction :) This is all in good fun - don't hesitate to ask.



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