Sage 100 (MAS 90)

The following is a simple description of the Sage 100 (MAS 90) integration that FreightWise created for a number of our clients. This process is a high-level representation and if details are needed please reach out to your FreightWise sales contact or email us at: 


High Level FreightWise Process

At its core FreightWise has developed a special plugin / application that connects directly to a client's Sage 100 workstation. This can be done over the network, on the same server instance, or even over a stable VPN. 


1 - Start BOL

FreightWise user starts a new BOL in the FreightWise (online) web application by entering a Sales Order # that exists in Sage 100.



2 - Client / Server Interactions

The FreightWise web server sends a message to the Sage 100 client integration at the clients site. The message contains information on what to retrieve from Sage 100 - usually the Sales Order # is the most important part of information.


3 - Sage 100 Data Extraction

The FreightWise client integration uses the sales order number by connecting to the client's Sage 100 workstation (server) and processed to pull the following:

  • Sales Order Details
  • Commodity Details - These are product item being shipped
    • Weight
    • Size
    • Class
    • and other important attributes based on client specific needs.
  • Pricing details if a Pro-forma invoice is needed

Once the information is gathered the Sage 100 client integration makes a sure web service call to a dedicated FreightWise server to process the Sage 100 details.


4 - Processing Details of Sage 100 Sales Order

A dedicated instance of a server (client specific) receives the web service call and builds the BOL in the FreightWise web application. Client specific options during this stage can be:

  • Pre-Routing (carrier assignment) on the Least Cost Carrier (LCC)
  • Assignment of an electronic PRO# or Tracking # (if a parcel shipment)
  • Auto Pickup Scheduling for LTL carriers
  • And many more based on client needs


5 - BOL Processing & Manifestation

Once the user review the created BOL he/she can manifest (complete) the BOL. If so needed the Sage 100 integration can make another web-service call to the Sage 100 Client Integration to save the estimated freight/parcel costs, tracking numbers, and assigned carriers back to Sage 100 concluding the shipping process. Additional actions that many of our clients use are :

  • Savings BOL, Shipping, and Pro-Forma Invoices to a special folder on the clients server
  • Sending emails to shipping department with Sage 100 details and barcodes for quick processing
  • Sending emails and SMS messages to the recipients of the shipment for tracking updates and BOL details - usually the end customer of the FreightWise client


General Requirements:

  • Sage 100 (MAS 90) operates on windows. In order to connect a windows server instance is needed. The server instance can be virtualized on Hypervisor or a stand-alone physical server.
    • The server requirements are minimal: 8GB RAM, +2.4 GHz processor, ~100GB of hard drive space
    • Windows Server 2019
    • Sage 100 Client installed
  • An active Sage 100 license. The integration will use a license to read and update Sage 100
  • Important - No Firewall ports need to be exposed - This ensures total security for our Sage 100 Clients




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