Printers Supported by FreightWise Integrations

FreightWise provides support for a large number of industrial, ruggedized, mobile, and home office printers for printing labels (parcel), BOLs, packing-lists, and other shipping documents.

In general we can print to most any printer that supports the Internet Printing Protocol, Zebra ZPL over TCP, or any printer that is installed locally on a Windows PC.


The following list contains Active Project Printers

Mfg. Model Protocol Connection Notes
Zebra ZP450 ctp ZPL over TCP Ethernet General use label printer
Zebra QLN320 ZPL over TCP WiFi Ruggedized mobile label printer
Zebra GX420 ZPL over TCP Ethernet General use label printer
Lexmark B2338dw IPP Ethernet Laser document printer


What to Consider when Selecting Printers

There are two ways that a client can print labels and BOLs from the FreightWise application.

Initially a user/client should think about the following:

  • How many printers will they be using / needing. Often times it is prudent to add at least one or two extra printer incase of damage to ensure operational continuity.
  • How many label will be printed on a single printer a day / week.
  • Will the user / client require burst printing. Meaning will a user be printing a large amount of labels at once rather than spread across the work day.

Once we have those preliminary counts in place it we can then decide on "Simple" or "Integrated" print options.



The easiest and quickest way to get started printing FreightWise parcel labels and/or BOLs is by open the PDF that the FreightWise application creates and printing via the PCs (WIN / MAC) installed printer drivers. This is the same approach if a user would print any type of PDF. In most cases the parcel label printers can be ethernet based or USB and will work via the PCs printer drivers.


Integrated / Complex

The integrated method which is more complex is usually used for high volume printing and or mass printing of parcel labels.

FreightWise supports direct to printer printing of labels over ethernet / WIFI. In order to take advantage of direct printing each printer that the FreightWise application needs to access should be ethernet based.


Setup Process for FreightWise Printing

The following is a high-level listing of how to go about setting up direct print access. 

  1. We need to use the FreightWise application and install on the users' shipping PCs. FreightWise support both Windows and MacOS version of the application. In addition the FreightWise iOS / Android app support direct printing too.
  2. We need to make sure the PCs are on the same network and subnet as the printer is that they want to print too. This is important since the PC is needing to access directly the printer via the users network.
  3. Once we have this established we can then inside the FreightWise application's admin setting enable the printer and set their respective IP or DNS names.


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