Initial Account Setups & LTL Reviews - Prospective Clients

This article pertains to Initial Account Setups and LTL Initial Reviews (preliminary savings analyses).  These take place before a prospective client signs an agreement with FW, when account status is "In TS."  Please read on for directions re. how to submit info/data for each.

A few important notes before proceeding:

  1. Account Setups apply to both LTL and Parcel accounts. 
  2. Initial Review instructions apply only for LTL accountsAny parcel data can be downloaded directly from the respective parcel carrier websites by the prospect - or by the sales rep if given login information.  See instructions here, which may be copied or downloaded and shared with the prospect. Once downloaded, data should be sent by the sales rep to You may reach out to that email as well for any questions pertaining to this process.  
  3. Under no circumstance should you submit client setup details if you aren't ready to also complete your invoice data "Uploader" (Excel template) for Initial Review.  These should go hand-in-hand. There is no point in setting up an account if you have not received invoice data, as the account may not be necessary, should your prospect decide to not send data.
  4. If you are looking for information on how to submit a Traffic Survey after signing a client, click here.

Account Setups (LTL & Parcel)

Initial Accounts are set up by Myra Butts (Audit) & Steve Smith (LTL Pricing).  Please directly email both of them the following information to get the prospective client setup in the FreightWise system.  Again, do not submit this information until you have received invoice data:

  • Client's full company name
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Email - Usually this is just a generic email address:
  • Listing of Branches
    • Limit your list to the branches that are present on the invoices you are submitting.
    • If possible, submit the Branch ID along with each branch - This helps to designate / search for later on.
    • Full address of each branch - required for setup
  • Names of Account Director (AD) and Inside Sales (IS) Rep
    • In cases where Inside Sales was not involved, the AD's name should be provided also as the IS Rep.
  • ERP used by the prospective client 

Initial Reviews (Preliminary Savings Analyses)

The data for Initial Reviews (Preliminary Savings Analyses) should be completed by the AD, by using what we're calling the "Uploader."  (AM may be optional, if this is your Pod's routine/policy.  Check with your RVP.)

The Uploader is the Excel template, which can be found in the Helpful Files for Download in the FreightWise information page (click "i" in top right corner of FW). Click on "TS Details File."


Once completed, upload it in the FW System, by following this path:  Admin/Co Mgmt/Find your Client/Click on Gear/Upload TS file 


 NOTE:  Please do not submit your Uploader before you know the account is setup, so that it can be matched up.

Contact Steve Smith in LTL Pricing for questions regarding this process:  Steve will receive a notification once it has been uploaded.

Initial Review - Process Revision

Completing an Uploader is a newer process, whereas the old process allowed for submission of PDF Invoices.  At this point, the expectation is for each AD to complete his or her own Uploader.  

There are a few reasons for this new process:

1. Allows you to learn and become more familiar with your prospective client's business - lanes, carriers, commodities/product, accessorial charges being added, etc. 

2. Much faster, as the results are in your control.  (The traditional method is at least 7 business days.)  This can be crucial time when staying engaged with your prospect, especially when keeping their interest if they may be looking at other options besides FreightWise.  

3. Keeps the Pricing/Audit teams from being bogged down, so that they can focus on "In-Launch" clients, who require much more in-depth data review/traffic surveys.  This benefits everyone - you, the company, your client(s), and again, your prospective client, who won't have to wait as long for results.


- Article Revised by Jenny Carter, Scott Samuelsen, Richard Hoehn: 07/01/21 - 07/03/21

- Parcel Instructions revised by Jenny Carter & Micheal McDonagh:  03/30/22




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