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The following is a simple description of the Infor integration(s) that FreightWise created for a number of our clients. This process is a high-level representation and if details are needed please reach out to your FreightWise sales contact or email us at: 

Infor Integration Versions

The following are ERP versions on Infor that FreightWise supports:


High Level FreightWise Process

At its core FreightWise has developed a special plugin / application that connects directly to a client's Infor ERP database. This can be done over the client's internal network, on the same server instance of the ERP, or even over a stable VPN. In most cases however FreightWise deploys and manages a FreightWise-Client-Integration server application that runs on premises or in the client's cloud infrastructure. More details on the server and setup can be found here: Server RequirementsServer Setup

For the scope of this article the most simple of integrations is presented. Please note that FreightWise does support more complex integrations that handle:

  • Document Management
    Writing or emailing manifested BOL (PDFs) to the clients document drives. In addition to documents we also support pallet labels and print them directly for the shipping teams on the warehouse floor. (see screenshots below in this article)
  • Pricing Support and assignment of Carrier
    Client often have to assign a carrier during order entry and at the time of entry it is impossible to know the Least Cost Carrier (LCC) to use. FreightWise will in most cases as nightly batch process re-rate / evaluate the LCC and set in the client's ERP.
  • Shipping Label Printing
    Shipping label can be directly printed to warehouse label printers with pre-checked PRO#s to improve efficiencies in the warehouse.


1 - Starting BOL

A simple process integration to Infor often involves the warehouse team starting a BOL by entering the Sales Order number into FreightWise. This can be done via keyboard or in many cases a user scans the Pick Ticket number (PT#) or Sales Order number (SO#) from via barcode scanner.

Starting SO# input to interface with Client ERP
Screen_Shot_2020-05-17_at_8.17.17_AM.png Screen_Shot_2020-05-17_at_8.16.50_AM.png



2 - Client / Server Interactions

The FreightWise web server sends a message (SO# / PT#) to the Infor client integration at the clients site. The message contains information on what to retrieve from the client's ERP database - usually the Sales Order number is the most important part of information retrieved; and used for this example write up. 


3 - Data Extraction

The FreightWise client integration uses the sales order number by connecting to the client's database and processes to pull the following:

  • Sales Order Details
  • Commodity Details - These are product item being shipped
    • Weight
    • Size
    • Class
    • and other important attributes based on client specific needs.
  • Pricing details if a Pro-forma invoice is needed
  • Pricing details if freight insurance is required

Once the information is gathered the FreightWise client integration makes a secure web service call to a dedicated FreightWise server to process the order / shipping details.


4 - Processing Details from Client Sales Order

A dedicated instance of a server (client specific) receives the web service call and builds the BOL in the FreightWise web application. Client specific options during this stage can be:

  • Pre-Routing (carrier assignment) on the Least Cost Carrier (LCC)
  • Assignment of an electronic PRO# or Tracking # (if a parcel shipment)
  • Auto Pickup Scheduling for LTL carriers
  • And many more based on client needs


5 - BOL Processing & Manifestation

Once the user review the created BOL the warehouse team can manifest (complete) the BOL. If so needed the Infor integration can make another web-service call to the Client Integration to save the estimated freight/parcel costs, tracking numbers, and assigned carriers back concluding the shipping process. Additional actions that many of our clients use are :

  • Savings BOL, Shipping, and Pro-Forma Invoices to a special folder on the clients server
  • Sending emails to shipping department with details and barcodes for quick processing
  • Sending emails and SMS messages to the recipients of the shipment for tracking updates and BOL details - usually the end customer of the FreightWise client


Supporting Screenshots

Listed here are some informational screenshots from the FreightWise Client Integrations



BOL Shipping Labels:









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