Insurable Types of Cargo

The following is a listing of types of cargo that can be insured. Each type might come with different premium costs to insure the cargo based on the insured value.
It should be noted that in most all cases LTL shipments fall into the General Merchandise category type. 
  • General Merchandise
    General Merchandise can be New, Used and/or Refurbished
  • Fragile Goods
    Fragile Goods (Glass, ceramics, marble, granite, tiles, pottery and other goods deemed to be breakable)
  • Non-Perishable Foods
    Non-Perishable Foods/Commodities/Beverages, including Alcohol/Spirits/Wine
  • Perishables / Temp. Controlled Foods
    Perishables /Temperature Controlled Foods/Commodities/ Beverages
  • Personal Effects
    Personal Effects /Household Goods, including Automobiles
  • Vehicles / Boats / ATVs / Motorcycles
    Vehicles/Automobiles (ie. cars, vans, pickups (New/Used)/ Boats/ ATVs /Motorcycles, etc.
  • Antiques / Art / Collectibles
    Antiques / Art / Collectibles
  • General Parcel
    General Parcel merchandise can be New, Used and/or Refurbished
  • Jewelry
    Jewelry, Watches and Rings valued at over $5,000 per individual item; Tobacco
  • All Other Interests
    All Other Interests


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