From BOL Process - Step by Step

The following describes the process of binding cargo insurance through FreightWise to a client's BOL. 


Step 1

Adding insurance to the BOL is very easy.


Step 2

The first step is to add to set the insured value of the BOL / shipment. Details on the insured value can be found here.


Step 3

In our example we are setting the insured value will be $58,000.


Once insured value has been entered the "Request Quote" button will activate (dark blue) and allow the user to request a quote.

Step 4

Quoting insurance can take a few seconds... 


Step 5

The insurance quote panel will indicate the true cost amount and confirm the insured value. In this example the true cost that will be billed to FreightWise's client is $377.00.

Billing of insurance is done via the Client Invoice process.


Step 6

 If the user is satisfied with the quote you can then click on the "Book It" button to request an Insurance Certificate and bind it to the BOL.

A confirmation window will appear just double checking that FreightWise should go ahead with booking the insurance.


Step 7

 Insurance booking can take a few seconds -  please wait while FreightWise creates the insurance certificate and binds it to the BOL. In addition a PDF will be generated for the clients records and placed in the "Files" section of the BOL.


Step 8

Once completed a green outline will show indicating that all of the insurance steps have been completed and the BOL is now bound by an insurance certificate in the amount of $58,000.






In order to cancel a booked Insurance Certificate please follow this link


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