FedEx SmartPost

The FreightWise application supports SmartPost rating, manifesting, and labeling. At its core, SmartPost is a hybrid between FedEx Ground and the USPS network. When manifesting and labeling in the FreightWise application a user will get a USPS label that is both tied to FedEx Ground and the USPS tracking number. 



When creating labels in the FreightWise system we get the USPS labels with Fedex/USPS tracking numbers.




The FreightWise application goes to the trouble to rate all FedEx services and compare to the SmartPost rates. Although this sounds simple FedEx SmartPost is a very different service than the general FedEx Ground & Express services they offer.



How to Ship with SmartPost

This guide assumes that a shipment has already been created and contains all the necessary commodity details.

Parcel Mode

FedEx SmartPost is a Parcel Service and is only available for parcel shipments. You may need to set the mode for the shipment to Parcel.

  • Click the Edit button to put the shipment into edit mode
  • In the Mode dropdown, select the Parcel option


  • Click the Save button to apply the changes

Quote Shipment

To quote the shipment, click the Quote Shipment button

Note: Quoting is optional, but you will need to select FedEx Ground (Parcel) for the carrier in order for the SmartPost option to show in the Service dropdown.


The Quote Results panel on the right side will display the results. Here we can see the quote for FedEx SmartPost:



Select Parcel Service

After reviewing the quote, you can select the parcel service. The carrier is updated automatically when the parcel service is selected.

  • Click the Edit button to put the shipment into edit mode
  • In the Carrier dropdown, select FedEx Ground (Parcel)


  • In the Service dropdown, select FedEx SmartPost


Manifest Shipment

To manifest a shipment and request a label, click the Request Label button. When the process completes, the label will be available for printing.





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