Requesting Carrier API Connections for a New Carrier

This guide will help you gather the information that will be necessary for the development team to begin adding API support for a new carrier.

Gathering Client Information

To begin implementing Pickup Requests or Tracking for a carrier API, you will need the following info for at least 1 client:
  • Carrier website login info for a client
    • Username
    • Password
  • Account Number(s)
    • If there are multiple account numbers, we will need to know the branch/direction for each one
  • Carrier Rep contact information
  • Client contact information
    • Some carriers send API authentication info directly to the client, and they will need to forward that information to

Next Steps

Once the necessary information has been provided to the development team, we will review the carrier's API documentation and begin implementation.  The time for this will vary depending on the complexity of the API.


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