User Roles: Features


Allow Res. LookUp

This role is currently under development. In the future this will allow users to check if a location / address is considered a residence that is then used to auto-assign accessorials to BOLs and Shipments.


Printer Mgmt.

This role allows a user to edit their networked printer listing. When a user is granted this role he/she can access the Printers panel under the Company Mgmt. page. The Printers panel allows for network printer setup.


As a side note if a user is printing to locally installed printer (generally connected via USB) then this user role is not needed. The selection of using local printers is set on an individual level on the desktop application details for local printers can be found here.  More details on network printer management can be found here

Side Note:
In most cases when it comes to printing UPS & FedEx labels those printers that the two parcel carriers provided to a client are USB only and would therefore not need this user role.


Create Shipment

This role allows a user to create a shipment from the shipment grid panel. Generally shipments are imported or created via APIs but in some cases users might need to create single shipments - this role enables the New button to appear above the shipment grid panel.



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