User Roles: How to Submit


Client User Roles:  How to Submit for Setup

Where to submit:

Client user roles are set up by Customer Solutions.  An email should be sent to: when you are ready for your new users to be set up. 

How to submit:

  • Information should be sent in the body of the email, or 2nd preference, an attached Word/Google document.  Why is this important?  Because Customer Solutions can then cut and paste info (names/emails) straight from your email into their system.  This avoids errors, saves time, and prevents delays. 
  • No PDFs or Screenshots please!  These formats prevent cutting and pasting, so that CS has to re-type info. If the client only has a PDF, it’s okay, but avoid if you can.
  • How to help the process:  Ask the client to send info in the body of their email to you, or a Word (or Google doc) format, if at all possible.  Then forward that to CS.

What to submit:

  1. User Name
  2. User Email
  3. Level of access needed (Level 1 - 4) 
  4. Any Additional Roles needed
  5. Whether to activate or not (very important - see “Activation Link” below)

When to submit:

  • At least 1 week before Go-Live, so the client can go through training, though 2 -3 weeks is ideal.  While there is no hard and fast rule here, you don’t want to wait until the last minute, when CS might have an influx of other tasks hit or someone on vacation. 

*NOTE:  If you want your users to be entered into the system, but you’re not ready for them to be activated yet, see next bullet point. 

  • Activation Link:  You can ask CS to setup/hold your users in the system, but NOT send the activation link yet.  CS will hold your CS ticket as “open” until 1 week before Go-Live and send the activation link then.  It is up to you to make it clear if you want the activation link sent or not.  (See Step 5 above:  “What to submit”)
  • Link Expired:  Once the link is sent, your client has 24 hours to access it before their password expires.  If this happens, you have two options:  
    • Go into the user’s profile, go to the gear, and reset their password
    • Send email to CS ( ) to reset their password


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