What is a Rate / Quote Filter

Rate / Quote Filter

The Rate / Quote Filter opens up another layer of functionality for FreightWise users to define rules filters that are applied after rating / quoting. Historically when special use cases occurred where the standard pricing of an LTL Carrier may not apply but still technically be valid, the Carrier Contracts had to be altered. This functionality allows for the LTL Carrier contracts to remain as created and unaltered so that any time a user wants to control the resulting LTL Carriers returned in a rate / quote request.

Some common use cases for this functionality:

  • Customer ABC does not want to use the LTL Carrier TEST Trucking when shipping TN to GA
  • For the month of May, FedEx Freight does not have the capacity and cannot take Shipments into FL.
  • During the 2021 ice storm, many LTL carriers could not take shipments over 10,000 lbs so that they could allow freight for multiple customers on trailers.


More details coming...


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