Uploader Template: For Initial Reviews & Traffic Surveys

"The Uploader" refers to the LTL Initial Review & Traffic Survey Excel template, which is attached in this article. To access immediately, scroll down to the bottom.

You can reach out to Steve Smith in LTL Pricing for help with this process @ ssmith@freightwisellc.com  

For Parcel needs, reach out to the Parcel Team @ ParcelPricing@FreightWiseLLC.com



Initial Review:  Pre-Sale

Traffic Survey: Post-Sale


How to Submit:

*Step 1:  Once your Uploader is completed, you will upload it by following this path: 

Admin/Co Mgmt/Find your Client/Click on Gear/Upload TS file 



*Step 2:  Email Myra Butts (mtabor@freightwisellc.com) & Tyler Craig (tcraig@freightwisellc.com), in Audit, to notify them your Uploader is ready to be "flipped."  IMPORTANT:  Sometimes, there are additional submissions by an AD due to errors being "spit out" and needing correction from the first submission, so it is the responsibility of the AD to let Myra and Tyler know when the final submission is ready.  They will not pull your data until you notify them.


*Step 3:  Wait for the email that lets you know the data has been processed and the Initial Review/Traffic Survey results are ready to be pulled from the system (Reports / Operations / Traffic Survey Overview).  


**Please contact Steve Smith, LTL Pricing, for help with this process: ssmith@freightwisellc.com


- Revised by Jenny Carter, Scott Samuelsen, & Myra Tabor: 07/01/2021 - 07/29/2021

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