Setup Mainfreight API Access


This guide will explain how to configure Mainfreight credentials

Creating the Credential

  • Obtain a subscription key for the client from the client's Mainfreight sales representative.
  • Navigate to Company Management and select the client.
  • Find the Credential panel and click the Add (+) button.
    • Enter Mainfreight API Key for the name.
    • Choose API Key for the credential type.
    • Turn on the Production switch if you are ready to make a pickup request.
    • Set Mainfreight as the carrier.
    • Click Create Credential.

Adding the Subscription Key

  • Click the Edit button in the Fields panel.

  • Click the Add (+) button.

  • In the new subscription field, enter the Subscription key for the value.addSubscription.png
  • Click the Save button.

Make sure to enable the credential for the branches that will be using Mainfreight by selecting the directions that apply


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