Rate / Quote Filtering


FreightWise users can restrict rating results based on lane and carrier.  This can be setup based on Zip code, state, or even country.

This feature provides several advantages:

  • When a client has issues with a carrier, for example frequent damage or poor service, it is possible to remove just affected lanes rather than the entire carrier.
  • When removing carriers using contracts, new bids would often clear those customizations.  This preserves the lane filter
  • When FreightWise moves to API rating with carriers and away from contracts, having rate/quote filtering enabled in the TMS will limit rating results returned by API, where the ability to edit by contract will no longer exist.

This article will walk through the basics of configuring this feature.  If further explanation or examples are needed, please contact the pricing team.


Rate/Quote filters can be added on the Company details, accessed through the Company Management screen.  To begin, go to Company Mgmt. and type the client name in the filter box:



Click on the client requiring rate/quote filters to open the company details then expand the "Rate / Quote Filters" section.  From here you can edit an existing filter (mceclip0.png) or add a new one (mceclip1.png):




When creating a new filter, the first step is adding a name.  Choose a name that describes this filter's purpose (example: Carrier Name Remove From State).  Then choose the carrier this filter will apply to and click "Add":



Next, set the origin and destination of the filter.  Note that all filters are direct.  To add to the "From" and "To" sections, click the edit icon (mceclip0.png).  Then set the "Countries", "States", and/or "Zips" fields and click "Add" for each.  Once finished, click the save icon (mceclip3.png).




This filter is now in place and will prevent this carrier from returning on the Quote / Rate screen as well as when validating a BOL.  As of June 18, 2021, this does not work with shipment quotes, but that is being addressed in a future sprint.


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