LTL Traffic Surveys - Clients "In Launch"

Traffic Surveys are technically just like an Initial Review; however:

  1. We refer to them as Traffic Surveys after the client has signed, to help differentiate from the IR
  2. They are more in depth because we require more data for these
  3. There are a two options for submitting the data

NOTE:  The information in this article pertains to LTL accounts only; for Parcel accounts, please reach out to Michael McDonagh.

How to Submit LTL Data for a Traffic Survey

When a client signs, there are two options for you, as an AD, to submit Traffic Survey data:

Option 1:  Complete an Uploader

Just like with the Initial Review, you may complete this Excel template and upload it in the FW System.

The Uploader can be found in the Helpful Files for Download in the FreightWise information page (click "i" in top right corner of FW). Click on "TS Details File."


After completion, you will upload by following this path:  Admin/Co Mgmt/Find your Client/Click on Gear/Upload TS file 


Contact Steve Smith (LTL Pricing) with questions about this process:   Steve will receive a notification when the file has been uploaded.

Option 2:  Submit Invoice PDFs

These should be emailed to Myra Butts in Audit:  

Per Myra, do not send to!

Here are the few items to look out for:

  • Be sure to review the PDF before sending, as we would like to avoid keying unnecessary bills.
  • Make sure emails with PDF invoices are less than 10MB in size.

- Article overseen by Scott Samuelsen: 07/01/2021



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