Setup A. Duie Pyle API Access

This guide will help you enable API access with A. Duie Pyle for a client in FreightWise.

Note: Cancelling a pickup request is not supported by A. Duie Pyle. To cancel a pickup request, you will need to contact Customer Solutions or A. Duie Pyle.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need the following:

  • A. Duie Pyle account (sign up here )
  • A. Duie Pyle username
  • A. Duie Pyle password

My Pyle Registration Process

  • After submitting the account registration form, an email "My Pyle Login Registration Completed" will be sent by email.

Add Credentials to FreightWise

  • Go to
  • Navigate to Company Management and select the client
  • Find the Credential panel and click the Add (+) button


    • Enter A. Duie Pyle API Key for the name
    • Choose API Key for the type
    • Turn on the Production switch if you are ready to make pickup requests
    • Set A. Duie Pyle (PYLE) as the carrier
    • Enter the client's A. Duie Pyle account number under Account Number
    • Click Create Credential
  • In the new credentials tab, edit the Fields with the client's information


    • Enter the client's A. Duie Pyle username under username
    • Enter the client's A. Duie Pyle password under password
    • Press the save button when finished
  • Enable Directions In the Company Branches section
    • Locate each of the branches that this credential applies to
    • Select the Directions that apply to this Branch / Credential combination [Inbound, Outbound, Third Party, Transfer]
    • Note: The direction buttons save automatically

Verify Branch Hours of Operation

  • To prevent needing to manually set pick up hours on every BOL, you can edit the Company Branches to set default pickup hours. See this guide for more info


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