Data Retention Policy

The following are FreightWise data retention policies related to client, carrier, and log data storage, retrieval, and deletion.


Freight Invoices:

Freight invoices are stored forever while being an active client of FreightWise or any affiliate of FreightWise, LLC. The invoice files themselves and also the data related to rating, addresses, and Traffic-Survey operations are stored securely in database and industry standard cloud-storage facilities.

If a client decides to leave FreightWise they have the right during the a period of 3 years, to request copies of any data related to the respective client. If paper copies are requested, the client or former client is responsible for any costs associated with document retrieval, printing, or duplication of such data.


Client Invoices:

Client invoices are stored forever. 



BOLs that are in a state/phase "Manifested / Complete" are stored/held in FreightWise's server forever. Please see BOL state/phases information for details on the BOL phases.


Quotes / Rate Requests:

Generally quote data is stored for approximately 3months (90days). After three months automatic cleanup and deletion is performed on quotes and rates.


Misc Log Data:

Logging data that helps FreightWise's Team access the inner working of applications, databases, and other server and business functions are stored in accordance to best practices.


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