Release Notes Q2 2024


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Q2 2024


GA: 7.1.24

Last Updated: 6.19.2024



Release Summary


Greetings from Freightwise Product Management!  This document serves as the official Release Notes for our Q2 24 Release. 

The themes were:

Extending Inbound Transportation Efficiencies

This release we focused on enhancing our Vendor Portal. Vendors can now sign into the vendor portal to generate their own BOL and labels. Inbound shipments will be logged in the client’s TMS to provide inbound visibility.

Expanding Partnerships and Adopting Industry Standards

This release includes two new integrations to help streamline shipping processes - eBOL and Cubiscan. See below for details on how each integration enhances your workflow. 

Evolving the Shipment into the Primary Business Object

This release includes several enhancements to the Shipments tab including enhanced columns on the grid, automatic ePros, mobile app compatibility and more.  These enhancements fit in line with our ongoing initiative to improve the Shipments tab to be the primary place that a user can execute all their shipping needs. 

Please continue reading below to learn more about our Q224 release.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your account manager, customer success director, or product management team.

Vendor Portal Enhancements 


FreightWise's Vendor Portal allows Vendors/Suppliers to rate shipments to see who is the least cost carrier using our client’s contracts. This functionality and tool allows the ‘off-loading’ of execution tasks to one or more vendors. With the Q2 release, vendors now have additional empowerment with the ability sign in and generate both a BOL and labels for LTL shipments. When vendors use the portal to create their shipping documents, an inbound shipment will be logged in the client's FreightWise system to allow for inbound visibility.



  • Vendor portals can be quickly enabled for any client. If you are interested in setting up a vendor portal for your suppliers, please reach out to your customer success director. 

Preview to the Vendor Portal:


Inbound Visibility in FreightWise



Integration Enhancements

Cubiscan Integration 


FreightWise is now a Cubiscan integration partner! Cubiscan is a brand of devices that are used in the warehouse to electronically measure pallets, boxes, or other ship units in order to provide accurate measurements for rating and routing. The devices also takes pictures of the freight which can be attached to the shipment record. Enhancing the cubing and weighing process brings new value and accuracy to transportation execution. Several Cubiscan devices are compatible with this API-based integration. For more information on Cubiscan, go to



If you struggle with accuracy on the warehouse floor, this integration can be discussed as a solution to that problem. Please contact your account manager if you are interested in integrating with a Cubiscan device. Please note, independent purchase of a Cubiscan device is required to utilize this integration. FreightWise is not a re-seller.


eBOL Connectivity  


The LTL industry is moving to a new eBOL standard to make LTL shipping more efficient. The paper-based BOL that has been used since shipping began, results in many challenges and issues. The initiative was led by a committee of carriers, shippers, and technology providers with the goal of reducing paper flow and to create better efficiency across the industry.



eBOLs can enabled for shipments that meet the following criteria. 

  •  As of Q224 release, ODFL is the 1st carrier setup for eBOL connectivity. If you currently use ODFL, speak to your FreightWise support representative to enable this feature.
  • Clients must be using the shipments tab and the carrier must be enabled for eBOLs.
  • The eBOL will be triggered when a user prints the BOL pdf or requests the pickup. Upon sending eBOL details, a PRO# will be automatically generated. A user will not be able to add their own Pro # to a shipment assigned to a carrier who is set up for eBOL connectivity.  

Shipment Enhancements 

Quick Track Button to Provide Better Shipment Visbility  


Users can now quickly track a shipment on a carrier’s website through the “Quick Track” button on the grid screen. This new link reduces clicks and provides critical information, faster.



This update is available from the Shipments grid and will automatically show for any shipment that has a Pro# assigned. 


Enhanced Visibility to Insurance Purchases  


Quickly reference which shipments have insurance through the new Insurance column on the Shipments Grid. Users can click from the grid into the linked Insurance booking. Insurance reference numbers will be added to the CSV shipment download. 



This column can be added through the column selector on the Shipments grid. 



ePro upon Printing the BOL


This release adds the ability to assign an ePro to a shipment upon printing the BOL pdf. 


No implementation required as long as the BOL pdf is being printed from the Shipments tab. 

  • Users will still be able to add ePros through the magic wand
  • If a user has already added a Pro #, another Pro # will not be added upon printing 


Mobile Application Updates 



The FreightWise mobile app is a paired down version of FreightWise that can be used on any Apple or Android device. Prior to the Q224 release, the mobile app was only compatible with managing BOLs. As of the Q224 release, the mobile app now also includes access to Shipment information. The following functionality is available from the mobile app:

  • Scan the QR code on the BOL pdf to lookup a shipment
  • Add pictures of your freight to log on your shipment to track any damages 
  • Print, email, or text any documents 
  • Rate the shipment and auto assign the Least Cost Carrier   


  • Once the app is downloaded from the devices application store, a user can login to the app with their normal FreightWise credentials. A user's permissions in the app will mirror their permissions in the FreightWise main application. 


Ability to Print from Main Panel


Users can now print the BOL documents from a quick print button on the main shipment panel.


No setup necessary. This button will automatically show on any shipment. 


Ability to Email BOL document 


Users can now email a BOL document from the Shipment gear icon.


Navigation: Shipments --> Gear Icon --> Email BOL 


Date Field Clarification


After receiving user feedback, we have refined the date fields on a shipment to be based on the mode selected.  


When the mode of the shipment is Parcel or LTL, only the Ship Date field will show. When the mode of the shipment is TL, four shipment dates will show; Early Pickup, Late Pickup, Early Delivery, Late Delivery. These dates will also be in a separate TL section on the panel. 




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