FreightWise Desktop App Install

Tech Details

The FreightWise Desktop App is a user-context application which means you do not need Administrator access to the PC to install and use it.


Installing the FreightWise Desktop Application

  • Download the installer
    1. Open Chrome, Edge, or Firefox
    2. Navigate to
    3. Choose Download for Windows 10 or Download for macOS

  • Navigate to the Downloads folder and open the FreightWise Desktop Setup installer

  • If a Windows has protected your PC dialog appears:
    • Click More Info

    • Click Run Anyway

  • Wait for the installer to complete

  • If you are not using a supported scale, you may see this error:
    • Click OK

  • The FreightWise application should appear

After Installation

A few items to keep in mind after the installation of the FreightWise Desktop App are as follows.


Disable Scale Support

In some cases the user will not have a USB scale that is connected with the Windows PC. It is best to disable it at that time since it can interfere with the main actions of the BOL and Shipment building if no scale is attached.

To disable the scale:

  • Open the FreightWise application
  • Click Settings -> Scale -> Disable
  • Close the FreightWise application


Printer Support

USB and Network Printer support details can be found below. In addition there is a list of specialized printers that the FreightWise Desktop app supports.

  • Network Printer Support: Link
  • USB Printer support: Link
  • List of Supported Printers: Link



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